Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Shout out: BrainTalk progress?

I was a frequent visitor to the BrainTalk MS forum, and its recent server outage has been frustrating. For a couple months, the only sign of life has been an ASCII message promising to have the server up as soon as possible. Now, there are signs that BrainTalk may be on the mend:
UPDATE 08.24.06 It has taken me much longer than expected to at least get the front page here and chatrooms running. I ran into the need to update the operating system, which caused more problems (the OS is broken to the point where I cannot run incremental updates). I'm waiting for the latest full version of OSX Server on CDs so I can do a full wipe of the drives and reinstall everything from scratch. Disks should arrive in the mail on Sept 5th the latest. Once that's here, I'll install the newest version of vBulletin and recover as much of the data from backups as I possibly can. I'm so sorry the system has been down for as long as it has. Every step forward I've taken to try and restore things seems to knock me 2 steps back, plus I have been travelling for work a great deal the past month. But I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for hanging in there. To get to the BrainTalk chatrooms, please visit:

My recollection is that BrainTalk was run on a shoestring budget funded by donations from users. When the forums come back, I think I'll make a contribution; I've missed them, and maybe more money will help keep the lights on.


Kim said...

I completely agree with you. It's the best MS forum around for sure.

Anonymous said...

there is a temp. site set up by dr. john grohol at many of the same users of braintalk are meeting over there.

i wish you well. :)