Monday, August 14, 2006

Journal: Blueish

When I don't post, I know it's a sign that I'm depressed. It means I'm getting overwhelmed by everyday tasks, that I'm too busy writing the insufferable interior monologue to write much else. My wife told me it would easier if I cried when I feel bad; that way she'd know I wasn't just being sulky.

My big chore today is to call the design/build firm we hired to do some remodeling to tell them we're not going to sign the contract that came in 11% over their initial estimate, which was actually 25% more than what we said our budget was. Yeah, it's a pretty high-class problem, but it feels like so much wasted effort, not to mention the money we've already paid them.

Sometimes I think it takes more energy to make a 10-minute phone call than to mow the lawn (which I don't do anymore).

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