Monday, August 14, 2006

Research: Stress and MS

A couple new studies look at the relationship between stress and MS. The gist:
The number rather than severity of stressors was most important in relation to MS relapse risk, along with coping responses that utilized social support, suggesting that MS patients should avoid situations that are likely to generate multiple stressors or which provide few avenues for social support. Link.

Life-event stress impacts to a small degree on MS relapse. The number and not the severity of acute stressors are most important; chronic stressors do not predict later relapse. Males and those with early stage disease are also at greater risk of relapse. MS patients should be encouraged to reduce acute stressors during times of high stress, and feel reassured that disease-related chronic stressors do not increase their relapse risk. Link.

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scotsirishterry said...

Doug...just happened upon your blog and can fully relate to the MS ups and downs...and downs...and downs...and ups.

My personal opinion about stress and MS is that bad stress is a culprit in major exacerbations, while "good" stress can certainly affect fatigue without a major exacerbation.

I am one year and ten months into the disability process - and might get to see the ALJ by the time 2007 rolls around. It is stressful to say the least. How does one prove they are so tired they can't see straight and their bodies/memory and cognitive abilities just aren't working?

Although you may have addressed SSDI issues in an earlier blog, I must have overlooked it. If you did, could you please let me know so I could go read it?