Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Yay herring!

Coming from Swedish stock, I have a soft spot for that fish-of-all-trades, the herring. For me, it's just the pickled stuff in wine sauce, with a pinch of fresh dill. I also take fish oil pills, on the odd chance that it's good for MS or heart health generally. Someday, I hope to try surstromming (fermented herring!) Just try and stop me.

Link to article about herring in The Independent.


Marshall said...

Hey there,

Fish oil is definitely good for heart health. I run a blog about fish oil benefits and I have a section devoted to fish oil and heart disease that you may be interested in. Also, I have read reports of successfully treating MS with fish oil... if you want me to, I can find where I read that. Just stop by and leave me a comment!

Warm regards,

Anonymous said...

Try lutefisk - the scandinavian version of gefilte fish. Instead of being brined or gelatined, lutefisk is minced fish preserved by a wash in lye. Of course, it is thoroughly rinsed (one hopes).

Bon Appetit.


Doug Lee-Knowles said...

I'm all too familiar with lutefisk. When I was a kid, we'd have it for Christmas dinner, in the Swedish fashion with white sauce. My grandfather used to make his own, actually. I think it's cod, though, not herring.