Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My favorite podcast: NPR's On the Media

I'm a news junkie, and I have a strong appetite for media criticism. There are some good resources on the net for this kind stuff: Slate's kausfiles, the Columbia Journalism Review's CJR Daily, and so forth.

But if you can wait a whole week for your regular dose of media criticism, On the Media is worth the wait. I'd lost track of the show for a while--it seemed like our public radio station either wasn't carrying the show, or it was on at a time when we weren't listening, or whatever. Now, the show is available as a podcast. Yay! It's in the iTunes podcast directory.

I'm also following Tod and Kim's MS podcast. So far, there are 2 episodes available. I've listened to the first one, and looking forward to the second. God love 'em, in the first show, these Canadians gave out a phone number to call with ideas for future shows.

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