Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Chicken legs

MS has left its fingerprints on many different parts of me, but so far, my vanity remains intact. Which is why I sometimes find time to fret about the way MS is starting to affect the way my body looks, not just the way it works. Frinstance, the gradual diminution of my calf muscles.

I've had MS for about 13 years, but up until about 5 years ago, I was still enjoying long hikes through the woods, around town, walks with the dog, etc. This, and some pretty sturdy genes, meant I had, um, nice legs. Ask my wife; she still cites my furry, well-developed legs as one of the features that initially attracted her to me.

These days, a long walk means going round the block with a dog, and that leaves me pretty pooped. The gastrocnemuses, soleuses, and peroneuses that used to get me around on long hikes through the woods are now semi-retired, and starting to show it. I should be getting more exercise, but I find the repetetive exercises the PT recommended as dull as daytime TV.

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