Thursday, August 04, 2005

Excellent haiku about getting an MRI

In her how-I-got-diagnosed-with-MS story, Cathy Resmer writes:

One of the first things I did was write haiku about getting an MRI. One of them goes, 'ya ya ya ya ya / ya ya ya ya ya ya ya / ya ya ya ya ya.' That's one of the sounds the MRI machine makes. When you're lying inside its tube, the sound is deafening. Instead of being annoyed by it, I try to appreciate it. I do the same thing with my symptoms. Instead of being freaked out by my twitching thumb, I think, Wow, that looks so weird.

Seven Days: Brain Drain

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Joe King said...

i think theres something wrong with the comments on your blog you have only TWO registered comments so far. you should call blogger or whatever and find out whats wrong. im sure theyll fix it pronto. hope this one goes through....