Sunday, August 28, 2005

MS risk in relatives of people with MS

For first-degree relatives, add 2.5% to the risk to the general population (0.3% for men, 0.5% for women). No additional risk for spouses, though.
By modeling the individual incidence rate of MS as the sum of a familial component and a sporadic risk component, the familial excess lifetime risk was found to be 2.5% (95% confidence interval: 2.0, 3.2) among first-degree relatives of MS patients, irrespective of the gender of the proband and the relative. This percentage should be added to a sporadic absolute risk in the general population of 0.5% in women and 0.3% for men. Spouses of MS patients did not experience an increased risk of MS, suggesting no major role for environmental factors acting in adulthood.

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