Friday, August 12, 2005

Will Wisconsin allow pot as medicine?

The story comes from the Madison, Wis., weekly Isthmus. The interesting part is that the legislator most interested in getting the ball rolling is a Republican cancer survivor.
Will Wisconsin Allow Pot As Medicine?
Most citizens support its legal use, but politicians may be too afraid

When support for an issue approaches 80% among Wisconsin residents, you would think that our state representatives would be falling all over themselves to follow the will of the people. But when the issue is legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, things get complicated...

Link to text of story at NORML site.
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Cecilia said...

Wow! Did you grow that yourself? I'm impressed and jealous.

Hey thanks for posting. I'm trying to do it too. We are not alone (no matter if M.S. stuff feels a bit isolating).

Doug Lee-Knowles said...

No, it's not my plant. I used to smoke pot, but for me it was recreation, not medication. It did seem to give me some modest symptom relief, but after a while I found that it was making some things worse instead of better. Maybe if I had tried a different drug delivery system than a 3-foot Graphix bong...