Monday, October 03, 2005

Republican legislator in Wisconsin authors medical marijuana bill

The bill would legalize the possession and use a limited quantity of marijuana, with the approval of a physician. This press release cites 75% public approval of the measure, which apparently has not yet been formally introduced (contrary to the press release).

What isn't being touted, however, is any mechanism in the bill for qualifying patients to obtain pot. Seems like patients who would be allowed to use and possess pot would still be left to get the stuff by illegal means. Isn't that kind of a problem? Or are we implicitly acknowledging the prevalence of cultivation and sale for illegal, recreational use: Jeez, everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who could score some weed, right? Which is maybe why, despite the overwhelming public support, this bill probably won't go anywhere in a state legislature that's controlled by social conservatives, but a bill banning human cloning is treated with great urgency.

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