Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Journal: Can a professional with MS have a vacation?

It sure seems like I can't. I took a nice 4-day weekend to celebrate my birthday and to generally decompress after some stressful weeks at work. It was lovely- went up North and spend some time sitting in a row bow aimlessly holding a fishing pole. But like a lot of other people, my work is my work; nobody else is going to dig in and do my work while I'm gone. Taking a vacation just means shifting work to a different time. You can either try and get ahead of things before you leave, and risk getting so pooped out you can't enjoy a vacation, or you can accept the fact that you'll return to a desk/inbox/voice mail account that's jammed with work, meaning you'll have to work that much harder when you come back.

This isn't unique to MS, but my ability to successfully shift work around to accommodate a vacation is lessened. I'm just not capable of productive 12-hour days. It means I'm more likely to end up working on weekends to catch up, which, of course, leaves me feeling like I could really use a goddamn vacation.

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mdmhvonpa said...

I get into that trap too. I just know that taking a day or two off will make the following week a living hell. Work weekends never seem to help much either ... too much of my stuff depends on interaction with others.