Sunday, October 30, 2005

MS bladder therapies: a good review of the basics

I stumbled across this review in Nature Clinical Practice Urology of how MS affects bladder function and what can be done to help. Includes a discussion of Botox injections into the bladder detrusor:
Voiding-diary data are showing exceptional clinical efficacy for BoNT/A, with significant improvements compared to baseline of urinary urgency, frequency and incontinence episodes at 4 and 16 weeks postinjection. Urodynamic parameters, namely maximum cystometric capacity and detrusor pressures during filling, have also shown significant and sustained improvement.64 Because there is an increased incidence in incomplete bladder emptying following treatment in patients with neurogenic bladder dysfunction, patients must be willing and able to perform [intermittent self-cath], if they are not already doing so.

The full article, not just an abstract, is available for free here, but you'll need to register.
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