Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lame contest

I've poked a little fun at the National MS Society's new marketing campaign slogan--"MS stops people from moving. We exist to make sure it doesn't." But I think it would be helpful if we could lend a hand to the Society and its marketing geniuses. So, in the interest of being part of the solution, being team players, I'm announcing a contest to come up with a better slogan. Here's how it works: we're going to stick with the format of the current slogan. So your suggestions should fit the following model:
MS stops people from _____. We exist to make sure _____.

Here, I'll get the ball rolling:

MS stops people from playing in marching bands. We exist to make sure there's something to watch during halftime at high school football games.

MS stops people from joining the army. We exist to make sure every American platoon in Iraq has at least one guy who always has to pee.

MS stops people from attempting 58 of the 64 sexual positions described in the Kama Sutra. We exist to make sure you get a chance at those other 6, including the one known as "the barking rabbit".

Prize? I haven't decided. Rules? I reserve the right to make them up arbitrarily. Go nuts.


Doug said...
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mdmhvonpa said...

MS stops people from moving so fast that the kinetic energy makes them burst into flames. We exist to make sure someone has a bucket of ice water handy to keep them uppity types from flaming out.

herrad said...

found your blog on the links on eric's blog will bookmark you and pop by regulaly. ms stops too much but why?


ps here's a link to my blog dutch blog english blog

Doug Ford said...

New NMSS slogan -

MS stops people from moving. We exist to make sure a cure for rodent EAE is found in our life time.

Doug Lee-Knowles said...

@ Doug Ford:


Doug Ford said...

I thought that my slogan was a little too cynical, but then I thought it wasn't cynical enough...glad you liked it.
This is a fun idea, wish more would contribute.

Alixx1966 said...

Hehe I also found you thru Eric's links. Laughing at the whole thing is a great way to deal with it (a very British attitude I might add - hope you take that as a compliment!)

Here's my contribution:-

MS stops students from remembering all the stuff they learned in lectures. We exist to sympathise with them when they get an F.

Guys, if you can't manage the whole karma sutra it's not the MS it's just laziness ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good idea. Their slogan is so lame.

MS is not a death sentence, it is a life sentence.