Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pool running

Just got back from the local high school pool, where I've doing some pool running and lap swimming. Over lunch, I can drive to the pool, get a good 20 minutes in the water, and get back to work without unduly stretching my lunch hour, although I'm sorta pooped when I get back to work.

I'm especially pooped when I first get out of the pool. This means that it's sometimes hard to haul myself out of the water, and I'm rather wobbly on the way back to the locker room. It also means that my brain may not be functioning correctly for several minutes. This happens to me whenever I get fatigued, and it's especially apparent in my speech, which becomes labored and occasionally garbled, like my penmanship when I try to write left-handed.

So I get out of the pool today, and, as is often the case, it's just me and the lifeguard. As I walk by her, she picks up the punch-card that I use to pay for admission, and sees that it's got my wife's name, which she doesn't recognize. She asks me, "Is this yours?" I look at the card, then say something like "Ohio
lunchbox, apparently." This has happened to me before: a lifeguard will ask me if I had a good swim, and I reply, "Frozen pancakes in the boot, Helen."

It's a little embarrassing.


Stephen said...

ha, i sound like that all the time.(never heard of pool running.)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just did a session in the pool through my physiotherapist and I did pool running for the first time! Love it! Its hard to get used to the slow aspect of it I found... I wanted to swim fast.. but it felt good doing it. I've never seen anyone else talk about doing it. Cool.