Tuesday, October 03, 2006

When pooper-scoopers attack!

A woman with a history of alcohol abuse and drug use was sentenced Monday to two years in prison for attacking a Waukesha couple she didn't know with a metal pooper scooper and scissors in a bizarre middle-of-the-night assault. Snip about the incident in June:
It took five police officers, three hits with a Taser gun, leg straps and a spit bag to subdue a 5-foot tall, 105-pound woman who entered a Waukesha home and attacked a couple she didn't know with a metal pooper scooper and scissors, authorities said. Still kicking after being strapped and handcuffed, the woman was carried by police out of the home in a bag, and she looked "like a sack of potatoes," the homeowner said.
Waukesha residents John and Linda Dormer said they do not know [attacker Leisa] Reed and kept telling her she was in the wrong house, John Dormer said Monday. Reed kept saying that someone was going to kill her and threatened to kill the Dormers, he said. "I tried to reason with her," he said. She then hit him with the pooper scooper and armed herself with two scissors, he said. He said he feared for his life and the lives of his family. Two of the couple's children, 12 and 13, also witnessed the attack. The Dormers are OK but still shaken up, he said. They credit their dog, rescued from a shelter in Oshkosh, with alerting them to the intruder and saving their lives.

Reed told authorities she doesn't remember being in the Dormer's home. She told police that a friend picked her up at her apartment in Milwaukee on Saturday evening and took her to her friend's apartment in Waukesha. Reed's husband, Matt, was also there, the criminal complaint says. Reed said she drank a 12-ounce can of beer and purchased $40 in crack cocaine, which she smoked at her friend's apartment in Waukesha, the complaint says.


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