Monday, November 07, 2005

Journal: I made the pot roast

Most of the day yesterday, my wife and my father-in-law were climbing about in our attic, putting in the wiring for some new lights for our kitchen. The day before, he had been up and down the step ladder, cutting holes in the ceiling while clumps of insulation and bits of drywall fell on his head. My in-laws were visiting for the weekend, ostensibly to attend a concert, but a day before they arrived, we asked my father-in-law if he'd be willing to help us put in a few recessed lights before the insulation people came by to add another foot and a half of fluff to the attic.

I thought that I might at least be of use in cutting the holes, or possibly in doing some wiring from below, even if I wasn't a great candidate for working in the attic (for a number of reasons). As it turned out, my father-in-law did pretty much the whole thing, with my wife assisting. I consulted as to location, and I handed a few things up to the attic, but mostly, I made dinner and manned the couch.

Around 7 or so last night, we sat down to dinner. With the kitchen a bit torn up, I'd fired up the crock pot for pot roast. From where I was sitting, I had a pretty good view of the TV. On Extreme Makeovers, the emotive Ty Pennington was unveiling the over-the-top remodeling job given to the home of what looked to be a gaggle of disabled kids and their adoptive mom. Suddenly, they all lived in a mansion with Kenmore appliances, a fountain-adorned pool out back, and a fabulous new Ford Fusion in the garage. That's a lot of pot roast.

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