Friday, July 01, 2005

Unfortunately, Canada appears not to be an option for me

Like the second Bush election, the O'Connor retirement has me thinking about whether I'm living in the right country. The obvious option is Canada. It's close, friendly, and has the best national anthem around.

Could I emigrate to our neighbor to the north? Probably not. Two strikes against me:

1. I have MS.
I don't remember how this one turned out, but Canada raised a hoo-hah when it denied permanent residency to a woman with MS who was married to a Canuck. Canada's policy was to reject those for whom medical costs would exceed the average cost per Canuck.

2. I'm a lawyer.
I actually poked into Canadian immigration policies a while back, and found a sort of point system test for whether they'd let you in or not. Based on a number of factors, including education and bilinguality and other stuff, you'd get a certain number of points. A college education would be worth, say, 10 points, but a high school education would be worth, say, 5 points. If, after considering all of the factors, you scored a sufficient number of points, you could get in. They also considered your vocation. You could determine from a chart of various categories of occupations whether Canada wanted people who do what you do for a living. Up at the top: nurses, like 100 points or something. If you're a nurse, Canada wants you. Down at the bottom: lawyers and crack dealers, no fucking points, stay home. Can't say I blame them.

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