Thursday, June 10, 2010


Summer ain't what it used to be. I've still got the fishing boat, mainly because it was easier to ignore it than to sell it, but I haven't been back out since May. My hope is that I'll be able to persuade my wife to join me for a few lazy afternoons when it's not too hot. And I'm resigned to putting a little more money into it to fix a few small annoyances.

I'm also resigned to making some adjustments in my own life. I caved in and ordered a condom catheter set-up, having reached the point where I'm having to change pads 3 or more times a day. I'm hoping it will save me a few trips to the bathroom during the work day. I'm also hoping I can figure out how to keep my gut working properly--I'm going to see a new GI doc next month. If I can get my plumbing issues under control, I think I stand a much better chance of staying in the work force. If not, I could end up trying to get disability benefits based not on crushing fatigue, cognitive decline, or neuropathic pain, but on the basis of a hyperactive bladder and a lazy colon. I can't think of a more annoying end to my career.

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