Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Interstim: further down the rabbit-hole

I'm at work, hiding out in my office. I had the initial surgery yesterday, and today I'm wearing on my belt the garage-door-opener-sized test gizmo. I'm almost over the initial weirdness of being hooked up to the gizmo via a wire that disappears into my lower back, and the dull ache from the incision sites is fading into the background. I've got two of the wires back there, but I'm starting out with only one wire connected, and the box is delivering a very low level zap to the wire coming out of the right side of my back. The sensation from the zap is a rapid, gentle kind of tapping in my crotch. I'll receive my next instructions from the Medtronic rep tomorrow.

I spent a while thinking up a goofy lie to explain the box to any coworker who asks: I'm a product tester for a new kind of iPod, one that connects directly to your nervous system. Actually, the wire connecting my crotch to the test gizmo is iPod white, but the gizmo is decidedly not a sleek, stylish Apple invention. It's brown, with a couple dials on top, some switches and dials hidden under a removeable little door on the side, and little blinking green LED.

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