Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Journal: Bits

Off to the east coast for a conference this week, so just bits and pieces:

1. Boat-related discombobulation last weekend...still too hot, I guess...both my wife and sister-in-law in attendance...afterward, wife asked if she should try backing up the trailer...actually thought for a couple second before saying "Nope."

2. Wife found a giant puffball mushroom the size of a Hyundai growing in the neighbor's yard...you'd think they'd be a lot tastier than that.

3. DHEA supplements consigned to shoebox full of other non-miraculous cures.

4. Hockey tape looks really cool on the handle of my cane.

5. Finally bought small electric snowblower, guarranteeing dramatic accelleration in global warming.

6. Pain hurts.
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1 comment:

personallog! said...

Very interesting read on the ms pain reports thanks for that. And err wow on the mushroom/Puffball frount. Hope you get cooler weather in future...Well it is coming up to the time of year where we start complaining about being cold and wet.

Be well