Saturday, August 30, 2008

Woohoo! Three-day weekend! sinus infection!

On Tuesday, I had a momentary ache in my lower back. It passed, but I recognized that ache from when I was 12 or so. Back then, I noticed it while swimming with my dad at the ancient pool at the local tech school (it was down in the basement of a building that's long since been remodeled into something else, but I remember thinking it reminded me of the pool in Lex Luthor's hide-out in the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie). Then I got another one yesterday evening. And by the time I went to bed last nite (we put our old futon out on the back porch and listened to the amazing whine of the crickets), I had a sore, swollen throat and a nose full of goo. Sinus infection.

It's not uncommon for me to get them in the fall allergy season. I'll gargle with salt water, suck some up through each nostril and spit it out, and I'll be fine in a couple days. But I was all set to charge out and go fishing bright and early this morning, and now I'm achy, tired, and sorta depressed. I should be feeling better just in time to go to work on Tuesday morning. Crap.

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