Monday, May 14, 2007

Dazed and bemused

This morning, I was so pleased to have remembered my 9:00 am PT appointment and to have actually made it there on time, notwithstanding crappy traffic, that I stopped at Whole Paycheck and picked up a box of spicy tuna rolls. A couple hours later, though, I started feeling unusually sleepy and realized I'd skipped my morning meds: Provigil and Cymbalta. Drat. Too late to take the Provigil, I think, and no Cymbalta in my desk-drawer minipharmacy.

I really, really like the Provigil, and when I forget it, I remember how dopey, listless, and bummed I felt without it. The cash price for 200 mg Provigil tabs at Walgreens is $9 and change. So help me God, if I lose my insurance for some reason, I will take to sticking up liquor stores if I have to so I can get my fix.


Stephen said...

i just spend my days dazed and bemused, and, as they used to say in the old pogo strip, frazzy. provigil never did anything for me. sleep doesn't do much, either.....

Doug Lee-Knowles said...


Somewhere along the way, MS stopped being about the uncertainty of the future, and started to be about the awful sameness of chronic pain and, uh, frazzitude.