Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snowing again

We waited, and last weekend, it finally came: snow, 6" or so. It felt, at least for a little while, as though our little blue and green planet was not in fact spinning out of control. Gas prices dropped down to $1.99 per gallon. Two lost boys were found, apparently unharmed. Things got busy at the office, and it made me feel useful and productive to leave a week's worth of crossword puzzles empty, untouched. On Friday, when I left the office, there was still a little purplish-orange glow in the sky.

But here it is again, Sunday morning. It snowed again last night, and it's beautiful to look at. But it's so quiet, just me and the dogs and the hum of the refrigerator and a couple of dusky little juncos at the bird feeder.

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mdmhvonpa said...

Sometimes, when all is right in the world (as far as we can tell), it's nice to just soak it up.