Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How dry I am

A week and a half into my latest med change, I'm feeling slightly improved but dry as a Mormon barbecue. Since last Friday, I'm taking (for the pain-sleeping-peeing stuff) 40 mg Cymbalta in the morning, then 20 mg amitriptylene, 250 mg Serzone, and 0.8 mg Flomax at night. I think the pain might be a little better: yesterday, I was able to wear a pair of woolly trousers to work with only minimal itching. Sleeping has improved, too: I haven't had the foot-twitching clonus in bed for a few days, and I think I only got up to pee twice last nite. And I actually went two nights without waking up in a puddle.

But it's definitely starting to be the time of year for dry, itchy skin and hangnails, especially after spending some time in the pool. I'm moisturizing my hands twice a day, using only Cetaphil bar soap in the shower, and drinking as much water as I can choke down, but I'm still feeling shriveled. Also, I seem to have regressed back into chronic constipation, so back on the glycolax, I guess. This sucks, because the last time I got the glycolax filled, it was from a different generic manufacturer. The stuff tastes bitter and yucky and never seems to dissolve fully, unlike the last two batches I had. Yuck.

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mdmhvonpa said...

Grrr... durned hangnails ... they just beg for chomping.