Thursday, September 01, 2005

1 in 7 lack health insurance in U.S., census survey finds

You'd have to read pretty deep into the paper to get to this story. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
[T]he percentage of the population that is uninsured remained virtually unchanged in the past year at 15.7%. Since 2000, however, the number of uninsured has increased by 6 million, as soaring health care costs have prodded employers to drop health insurance as a benefit. That number would have been higher if not for a sharp increase in people getting health insurance through Medicaid and affiliated programs.

The United States - the only industrialized country without national health insurance - is projected to spend $6,423 per capita, or $1.9 trillion, this year on health care. That's about 50% more per capita than any industrialized country.

So as manufacturing jobs disappear and Americans move into low-paying service-sector jobs, more people are turning to Medicaid for health insurance. But now states like Tennessee and Missouri are dumping hundreds of thousands of Medicaid patients.

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