Saturday, May 21, 2005

Not so much fun

I spent the afternoon out on the lake in my crappy little fishing boat, and now I am exhausted. Too much stand-up-sit-down and anchor-weighing, and then the walk uphill back to the car. Even though it is my second-favorite recreation activity (git yer mind out of the gutter--the top of the list is paddling a canoe down a river too shallow for motorized traffic), it sure seemed like a chore today.

I'm starting to think I should have an even smaller, lighter boat, and probably a fishing buddy to keep tabs on me. Of the people in circle of friends and acquaintances, seems like all the likely candidates are either busy daddying or still goofing around like they're 23. Dude, I think 23 was great, but I'm starting to lose my hair, I'm having trouble holding any quantity of beer, and did I mention that my immune system is fighting with my nervous system?

Maybe it's just because I didn't catch any thing but a slight sunburn.

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